IHA Helps with Children’s Health: 3,400,000 Copies and Counting

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May 2011
by Linda Carlson

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IHA Helps with Children’s Health: 3,400,000 Copies and Counting

by Linda Carlson

Numbers spell success for the Institute for Healthcare Advancement’s publishing program, but the numbers this nonprofit cares most about don’t show up on its bottom line.

Created to help keep people healthy and out of hospital emergency rooms, IHA books are credited with reducing children’s visits to the ER by almost two-thirds and with cutting visits to doctors almost in half. And those numbers do show up on the bottom lines of health insurance companies and hospitals serving the uninsured and the underinsured.

IHA, a La Habra, CA–based program launched in 1993 to provide pediatric health care, will have more than 20,000 patient visits this year in its medical clinics. For the past decade, the 75-person nonprofit has run an annual conference on health care literacy that attracts hundreds of health educators and health care providers from all over the United States. It also offers a health care literacy consulting service, a fee-based program that serves health insurers and similar clients who need their patient materials rewritten in simple conversational English.

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