Ideas on Individual Book Fulfillment

April 1997
by Article originally appeared in Thomson-Shore's new

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Individual book fulfillment is not something we do much of but it is something our customers ask about. So, after some customer requests that we do an article on it, I made some calls to a couple very small publishers who do their own individual book fulfillment, a mailing house that primarily does journal fulfillment, and our own people who actually do some fulfillment. I think I now have enough knowledge to give you some useful thoughts about how these people handle individual book fulfillment. At any rate, here’s what I learned.Fulfillment Packaging

Individual books are usually sent to purchasers in envelopes, polybags, padded mailers (Jiffy bags), corrugated sleeve type mailers, individual mailing cartons, or bumper end cartons. The pros and cons for these are, more or less, as follows:

Envelopes: They are used primarily for journal mailings. Envelopes are expensive, about $0.12 or so per envelope, with the price depending on the number you buy, and they offer little protection to the books. Envelopes are probably rarely ever used for a case-bound book. If you use envelopes for your soft-bound books, you should get them with your return label printed on them and then either type a “to” label or write out the purchaser’s address.

Polybags: These are also used primarily for journals, are a bit less expensive than envelopes, but they need special equipment that a small publisher isn’t going to have. The label used for polybag mailing goes inside the…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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