Win—Win Solution for Northern California Publisher

February 2004
by Candy Taylor Tutt

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In the process of publishing my first book, Ten Dragon Tails, this year, I learned a myriad useful lessons. One of the first: a printer who did not furnish galleys per se would print up white-cover paperbacks, for proofreading as well as for soliciting prepublication reviews. I opted for the minimum–100–and was soon dazzled by the stacks of pristine copies in my dining room. After proofing one and sending out approximately 30 for early reviews, I was still faced with the Leaning Tower of Literature.

Our family motto should be Throw No Book Away. The shrink-wrapped copies moved from table to chair to counter and were finally relegated to the hearth until the first week in December. Then I read a newspaper article about a local real estate agent who was putting together holiday care packages for military personnel and requesting donations. Items had to be nonperishable, suitable for men or women . . .

Days later, my paperback books were winging their way overseas, wedged in between packets of sunscreen and lip balm, socks, and gummy bears. I knew I had saved those copies for a reason.

Candy Taylor Tutt

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