I Did It, You Can Too! 12 Tips for Independent Publishers

December 2000
by Susan Salt, Parkview Publishing

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Editor’s Note: These tips came from Session 8A of PMA University 2000-“I Did It, You Can Too: 12 More Tips from Independent Publishers.”

Tip #1: Select a hot topic-one that tons of people want to know about.Tip #2: Take time to educate yourself before you begin producing your book. It’s important to get an overview of the entire publishing process-from producing your book through marketing it. It’s a big mistake to be in such a hurry that you jump into “making your book” without first becoming thoroughly educated. Jumping in usually results in racing towards a publication date with no time for generating all the marketing nuts and bolts that can help you sell your book. These nuts and bolts need to be in place months before your pub date! Heck, you won’t even know about them, if you don’t educate yourself!Tip #3: Accept the truth right now: You will need to relentlessly market your book. So many author/publishers fall into the trap of thinking that because they have a wonderful topic, everyone will come calling, wanting to know about it. Well, that would be wonderful, but the truth is that you will need to work tenaciously to get radio, TV, newspaper, and magazine people to agree to talk or write about it. And I do mean tenaciously and relentlessly. I don’t care how great your subject is, unless you’re Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, or John Grisham, you will need to work hard. Very hard.Tip #4: If I’ve managed…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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