How to Succeed with a Book-Launch Event

November 2009
by Bobbie Hinman

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The publisher of The Belly Button Fairy, sporting wings of her own, and the crowd she drew to her recent bookstore event.

How to Succeed with a Book-Launch Event

by Bobbie Hinman

Your new book is being released, and you want the world to know. You are excited, and you want to have a party to celebrate the launch. Do you simply throw the party and hope that people show up? Let’s see—there’s your sister and her husband. Surely you can count on them. Mom and Dad are in. Your friends from the gym will certainly support you . . . Or, would you rather have a real event?

Is it possible to have 100, 200, even 300 people attend your party? The answer is a resounding Yes, as I saw once again when we launched The Belly Button Fairy at Barnes & Noble in Bel Air, MD, with an event that drew 350 people and sold more than 200 books.

It all starts with organizing the details of the event and putting aside your fears that no one will come. My events have centered on children’s books, but the basic process can be adapted for any title.

Here are some important steps for making a book launch party a success.

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