How to Succeed Synergistically

August 2003
by PMA roundtable

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Smaller publishers have it all over the giants when the goal is synergy. In the huge houses, whole departments–sometimes even whole divisions–are supposed to spark profit-making products for each other. What often happens, though, is that staffers keep their minds on their regular tasks instead. And when someone actually does come up with an idea for another department or division, it frequently gets buried by squabbles over whose budget will suffer or benefit, and by how much.

Small and self-publishers, by contrast, frequently create synergies between books and other products and services. The reports that follow show how just a few have done it. Although this group includes stories from two presses that focus on pets, synergistic small publishers cover a wide range. For some other examples, see “What Readers Also Want” (December 2002), “Invisible Elements in the Product Mix for Kids” (January 2003), and “Selling in the Business Market” (February 2003).

— Judith Appelbaum


A Talent Agent Tackles Two Other Industries

About five years ago, I was happy just being a talent agent and reading the occasional book. Then suddenly, everything changed! Along came this playful puppy and he inspired me to write Puppy Stuff, which put me in the book business. Next, a truckload of puppy toys arrived, which inspired the Doggy Toy Box. This was quickly followe…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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