How to Reach the Education Market: Determining K–12 Market Fit, Market Placement, and Market Appeal

November 2005
by Mary Ellen Lepionka

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publish a series on natural history. How can we get teachers to buy it for
their students?”

publish children’s nonfiction about friendship and other aspects of
interpersonal relationships. How can I get my books into the classroom?”

wrote a civics text for today’s teens. How can I get it into the hands of high
school freshmen and sophomores?”

publish illustrated children’s fiction. How can we get our storybooks into

Questions like these reflect the
fact that the education market is really many different markets. Titles that
fit the category include:

·      Early childhood and pre-K
materials designed to stimulate development and reading readiness.

·      K–6 and K–8 textbooks,
workbooks, and other ancillaries for elementary education. Often the market for
them is divided into K–4 (primary) and 5–8 (intermediate). In some
subject areas, each grade level represents a separate market segment.

·      K–8 literature for school
libraries and reading programs.

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