How to Promote Your Books with Blogs

November 2009
by Karen Leland

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How to Promote Your Books with Blogs

by Karen Leland

When I first became an author (20-plus years ago), publishing a book meant making a commitment to going out on the road to promote it. The first few months after the book release became a blur of bookstore readings, conference center speeches, and Courtyard by Marriott hotel rooms.

The logic behind this strategy was that the “back of the room” book sales would make the travel well worth the trouble. And while the traditional book tour can still be a viable option, the advent of social networking means an author can now help launch a book effectively—without ever leaving the comfort of home or pajamas.

Below are five good guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to promoting books with blogs.

1. Find the Blogs That Fit the Book

No book, not even one on an evergreen topic—such as diet or dating, time management or marketing—is for everyone. Knowing your audience is the first step in finding blogs that might be interested in a particular book. Ask yourself:

• What types of people or groups would find this book most interesting or useful?

• Who is the ideal audience for this book?

• Who wou…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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