How to Promote Last Year’s Book

December 2006
by Patricia Fry

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How to Promote Last Year’s Book

How to Promote Last Year’s Book


by Patricia Fry


Most publishers and authors
put a lot of time, energy, and money into book promotion during the first year
after publication. And then what happens? Some of us get involved with other
books. We get back to day jobs. We take a little well-deserved time off. We sit
back and hope to enjoy the fruits of our intense promotional labor.


Over time, last year’s book may
experience sales flurries—Barnes & Noble orders a few copies for
customers; someone reviews the book and Amazon’s sales spike; the author is
invited to speak at the Downtown Lion’s Club and sells books there. But for the
most part, it feels as though the shade has been drawn on your window of
opportunity for book promotion.


Not so. Of course, the best time
to promote a book with gusto is when it is brand new. But there are plenty of
ways to promote it even when it is several years old. That is, unless the
information is time-sensitive. A medical or technological book on the latest
discovery might lose its appeal over time. But most novels, children’s books,
and nonfiction titles should keep on entertaining, teaching, and informing.


How do you promote a more seasoned
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