How to Practice for Radio Interviews

September 2003
by Bryan Farrish

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[pullquote] “You might not expect this, but Internet chats provide the easiest way to practice for the questions you’ll get from typical radio listeners during an interview.”

Practice Makes Perfect for Radio Interviews

If you’re considering publicity via radio interviews (or, for that matter, publicity
in general), and you haven’t done public speaking or interviews before, you’d be wise to practice a bit before you actually get on the phone with a station.

Here are some specific things to do.

Call In

Start your training by doing what you’ll be doing eventually–calling in to local talk shows. However, at this point, call as a listener and try getting into longer and longer discussions with the hosts. Some popular radio talk-show hosts (such as Laura Schlessinger) actually got their start by calling in as listeners. And there’s a nice side effect. You’ll become familiar to the hosts and their screeners, which will help you (or your booker) get their stations to invite you on as a guest without a lot of hassle.


Call your local college radio station and say you want to volunteer to help out around the studios. You’ll probably get some on-air time, and you’ll also get to talk to callers and to other DJs and talk-show hosts. Plus, you’ll get a good sense of the equipment they use, which will help you when you’re talki…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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