How to Optimize Your Amazon Page

May 2008
by Tanya Hall

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How to Optimize Your Amazon Page

by Tanya Hall is the hands-down leader in the online bookselling marketplace. And—although it’s notoriously difficult to speak with a living, breathing human being who works there—Amazon prides itself on meeting its customers’ needs. What’s the easiest way to drive sales for your book on Amazon? Easy: use the tools it provides for maximizing the content on your product page and optimizing your chances of coming up in search results via Amazon’s internal search engine.

You know about optimizing your Web site, optimizing your Web presence, optimizing your blog, and so on. The point of this optimization is to increase your visibility through various online search mechanisms. While self-contained, Amazon is a powerhouse search engine in its own right. Despite being a retail site, it should be treated as a search engine from an online marketing standpoint. Think about it: what’s the first site you go to when searching for information on a book? Amazon, of course. Remember that, on top of its own strong brand, Amazon powers the virtual marketplaces of, AOL’s Shop@AOL service, and, for a short while longer, and—just to namef a few.

Moves to Make

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