How to Measure Success with Your Social Media Efforts

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November 2011
by Deltina Hay

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How to Measure Success with Your Social Media Efforts

by Deltina Hay

Once you’ve been using social media tools for a while, it makes sense to start measuring what is working and what is not. Though there is no single established framework for measuring social media success, there are some tactics you can employ.

What follows will guide you through the process of developing an individualized social media analytics framework.

Step One: Know Your Goals

Any good marketing plan—including a social media marketing plan—starts with established goals. You need to know what your goals are before you can measure how successful your efforts to achieve them have been.

So decide what you want to accomplish through your social media efforts:

• Sell more books?

• Get more reviews?

• Establish yourself or your author as a thought leader?

• Drive more traffic to your Web site?

• Increase the author’s fan base?

• Reach a specific demographic?

What else?

Outline very specific goals so you can measure the results of your efforts.

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