How to Maximize Sales at Amazon

June 2001
by Laura Porco and Diane Zoi,

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We’ve learned a lot at Amazon about what makes a given book sell best on our site, and we want to pass that knowledge along–both because we like happy customers and because more sales are better for everyone.


Here’s a quick rundown of the steps to online success:


In an online bookstore, publishers must make sure a customer can search for a book, read and see what it’s about, and/or be able to browse a specific area in order to find it. If all legs of the stool aren’t present, sales aren’t being maximized.


Obviously, subject classification is all-important for searching. If a book is available through Amazon’s Advantage program, we get an actual copy that lets us read through it and assign a variety of subjects to it “by hand.” (The Advantage program, which is free, enables publishers and authors of all sizes to set up a consignment relationship with Amazon. A stock of Advantage program books is kept in our warehouse so availability of the titles is “ships in 24 hours”; this increases the likelihood of sales. Additionally, Advantage members have access to daily sales and inventory reports.) Books that aren’t in the Advantage program are classified in data feeds from wholesalers and others.


Because online retailers can and do classify each book in multiple categories (think Women’s Fiction/Literature/Romance/Italy/WWII), each book is more accessible than i…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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