How to Make Time for Marketing

September 2009
by Karen Leland

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How to Make Time for Marketing

by Karen Leland

It’s Monday morning, and you are typing an email, participating on a conference call, replying to an instant message, and reaching across your morning cup of java to answer your cell phone—all at the same time. Sound familiar?

A recent study by the Families and Work Institute found that a full third of Americans are overworked, and more than 50 percent of those surveyed said they are either handling too many tasks at the same time or are frequently interrupted during the workday—or both. Another study, by Day-Timers, Inc., reported that 60 percent of workers say they always or frequently feel rushed at work, and 50 percent said they accomplish only half the work they have planned for that day. In short, we are overloaded.

Is it any wonder, then, that we have trouble staying focused, using our time and energy to maximum benefit and gaining ground on important marketing and PR efforts?

In this Web 2.0, 24/7, multitasking, do-less-with-more world, the degree to which you promote your own business or book often determines the level of success you achieve. If you are looking for increased exposure on the radio, in print, or online, you have to learn to make time for marketing.

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