How to Make Marketing Copy More Persuasive

October 2005
by Brian Jud

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Do you think people actually
read all the information in your literature, in your press releases, or on your
Web site? Think again. Most people just scan copy, looking for information that
will be helpful to them. In fact, in a recent study by John Morkes and Jakob
Nielsen, 79 percent of test users scanned any new page they came across instead
of reading word for word. Morkes and Nielsen have been running Web usability
studies since 1994. For this one, “Applying Writing Guidelines to Web Pages,”
test users’ job titles included system administrator, systems analyst, software
developer, and senior programmer.

This clearly means that you are
likely to communicate with readers most effectively if your copy tells them why
they should purchase your book even though they’re just breezing through what
you wrote.

Techniques you can use to create
copy that’s more scannable include:

·      Apply the AIDA formula:

·      Get the readers’ attention quickly
with text that gives them a reason to continue reading.

·      Highlight keywords that are
important to your read

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