How to Maintain, Grow, and Protect Your Business with a New Special-Sales Customer

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May 2011
by Brian Jud

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How to Maintain, Grow, and Protect Your Business with a New Special-Sales Customer

by Brian Jud

Imagine that you have implemented the special-sales campaign described in the earlier installments of this series of articles. You have taken the proper steps in the prescribed order, and now the prospect signs on the dotted line and becomes a customer (for guidance on taking those steps, see “Make Large Sales to Corporate Buyers,” “How to Find Potential Buyers in Special Markets,” “Preparing for a Sales Presentation,” “How to Make a Persuasive Sales Presentation,” and “Negotiating the Sale”—all available via “Independent Articles” on the home page at

Don’t let the euphoria of knowing you will receive tens of thousands of dollars blind you to the final step you need to take.

Your objective can’t be met simply by getting the order; you have to make sure that the sale is implemented flawlessly. Competent post-sale service makes for a satisfying experience, leading to recurring revenue. A mutually profitable, long-term relationship is more likely to develop if you maintain, grow, and protect your new business relationship.

Maintaining the Business

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