How to Hire a Translator

June 2008
by Edward Lipsett and Nora Stevens

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How to Hire a Translator

by Edward Lipsett and Nora Stevens Heath

Publishing is a snap!

The author told you the book is excellent and free of errors, so of course you don’t need to edit it, or check it for veracity. Production is a breeze; just dump the author’s file into Word, using the default font (Times Roman, or was it Palatino?), and set the trim size. All done. Printing? Call up a few companies, tell them how many copies you need, and select the lowest price.

Is that how you publish? If so—and also if you won’t ever need a translator for a book—you can skip this article, because its central message is that translation demands as much consideration and preparation as any other stage of publishing, and unless you are aware of some of the pitfalls in advance, you may be heading for a very exciting—and costly—learning experience.

Local Talent and Quality Control

If you’re still with us, think about the language in one of your books. How was it written? Presumably somebody spent quite a bit of time trimming and smoothing it, shaping it for maximum effect while making sure not to leave those little glitches that break the reader’s train of thought. Especially in fiction, one clumsy word or…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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