How to Get Fiction Writers on Talk Shows

November 2001
by Marisa D'Vari

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While most publicists agree that it’s challenging to get a fiction author on a talk show, three magical principles for crafting a compelling pitch letter will get you well on your way to media success!


Rule #1: Position the author as an expert.

A pitch letter to producers must clearly and immediately communicate the benefits the producer will receive from having the fiction author on the show. Producers want entertaining guests who will be of service to the audience. Many have been burned by authors who ignored the audience’s needs and turned the show into a book commercial.


To counteract this preconception, the fiction author should be positioned as an expert in his/her field–a person who will shed light on a key issue the audience might be struggling with. Good fiction writers carefully research the worlds of their books and thus can be considered experts.

Look to the larger issues of the book in order to get a stimulating hook and evoke producer and audience interest. On talk shows, author Jackie Collins’ expertise is that of a Hollywood insider who’s qualified to tell the audience stories of the rich and famous. Back before the media had heard of author Candace Busnell, her Sex and the City book, the TV show adaptation, or her columns, she might have been positioned best for a talk show as an expert on the subject of single women and their search for romance in the big city. The author of…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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