How to Dress for Television

January 2007
by Ellen Ratner and Kathie Scarrah

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Ready, Set Talk

How to Dress for Television


by Ellen Ratner and Kathie


• Dressing in business attire is
always safe. Being overdressed or underdressed will divert the audience’s
attention. You do not want the focus of the interview on what you are wearing
rather than on what you are pitching. Keep your audience in mind. Is your
interview on a daytime show whose audience is generally female, age 25 to 65,
or are you being interviewed on a Sunday talk show that focuses on national and
international current events and attracts men and women? Dress appropriately
and you will not only look good, but also fit in with the host, set, and


• Studio lights generate a lot of
heat, so it will probably be hot on the set. If you are dressed too warmly and
have to remove your jacket, you are going to look less like an expert.


• Might a microphone be clipped to
your clothing? If a woman wears a blouse and no blazer, jacket, or cardigan,
the weight of the microphone may pull on her blouse and be distracting. The
same is true for a man wearing a polo shirt with no tie. Blazer collars and
ties are typical places for the sound team to clip a microphone. Note that tie
clips and necklaces can create a lot of noise if the microphone bangs against
them. Swishy fabrics can al…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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