How to Create & Produce Your Own Promotional Postcards

March 2002
by Jan Stenza Bloom

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Even before the anthrax scare, using postcards for promotional purposes was a good idea.

Postcards are a terrific way to let people know about specials you’re offering, an author appearance, a scheduling change, even additions to your list–anything you want to tell an audience quickly–because:

• Unlike letters, or e-mail, postcards don’t have to be opened to be read.

• Most people quickly glance at the message or offer.

• They’re colorful and therefore often noticeable on a desk or even memorable in the mind.

• With a bulk rate indicia–something to discuss with the post office–a standard 4″ x 6″ postcard is relatively inexpensive to mail.

Given advances in design and word-processing software and today’s printing technology, you can use your inkjet or laser printer to produce up to about 500 professional looking postcards. (For larger lists, it can be less expensive to use a print shop).


What You Need & Where to Get It

You can buy heavy weight, specially coated, and perforated postcard paper at any office supply store. It’s made by several companies and available in two different formats. The less expensive format requires that you have a white area surrounding the image on the front of the card. The other format permits you to print the cover image with a full “bleed” (with the image extending to the edges of the docum…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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