How to Create Great Book Brochures
Part 2: Get the Most from the Printing Process

July 2002
by Donald Wulfinghoff

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Your book brochure is a cornerstone of your marketing program. Last month, we talked about creating its content and layout. Now we’ll discuss illustration and printing techniques that will give your brochure a top-notch professional look.

If you know how to use the latest color-printing services, you can produce a dazzling brochure at minimum cost–and with little additional effort.


Pick the Right Printer

The secret to getting high-quality printing at low cost is finding the right printer. Your brochure is not a job for your local stationery firm. You need one of the dozen or so companies scattered throughout the U.S. that specialize in printing inexpensive four-color “brochures,” “catalog sheets,” or “flyers.”


To find brochure printers, search the Internet using those keywords. If you have established yourself as a publisher by getting an ISBN prefix, brochure vendors are probably mailing their advertising to you already.

Expect to shop nationally, or at least on your side of the continent. For example, we are located near Washington, D.C., and we got quotes and samples from all the major color catalog-sheet printers east of the Rocky Mountains.


There is no need to shop outside the U.S. for color brochures, as there might be for coffee-table books and children’s books in color.

The latest versions of our brochure were printed by U.S. Press, in Valdo…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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