How to Create Great Book Brochures
Part 1: Planning and Pre-Press

June 2002
by Donald Wulfinghoff

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Every good book needs a good brochure. These versatile promo pieces can sell your book in many ways. They also reduce your workload and save you money by substituting for sample copies. A good brochure will sell your book to people who have never seen it. They will assume that a publisher who produces a superior brochure also produces superior books.

Unfortunately the opposite is also true. Too many publishers–small and large–try to sell their books with amateurish materials. That can only harm the credibility of the publisher–and the rest of us. And it’s so unnecessary. Good brochures are easy to produce.

Last month, PMA announced its new Corporate and Institutional Mailing (see the “Direct Mail Programs” section of each PMA Newsletter). This cooperative mailing opens up a vast new market for your books. But to participate, you need a brochure.

This month, I’ll share what we’ve learned about creating a great brochure for our press’s flagship publication. In a future issue, you’ll read about how to exploit modern printing services to get the top quality at the lowest price.

Brochures Belong in Your Marketing Mix

Brochures compete for your marketing dollars with other ways of spreading your sales message, including ads, a Web site, trade show displays, book-signings, radio and television interviews, news releases, and sample copies. We use most of these, but our broc…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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