How to Choose an Order-Fulfillment Service

July 2010
by Keith Shay

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How to Choose an Order-Fulfillment Service

by Keith Shay

If you’re interested in outsourcing order fulfillment, begin by thinking about whether each company you’re considering would help you increase sales and grow your organization.

On the surface, all order-fulfillment services may look similar. But when you take a closer look at methods of delivering services, you will find large differences. Remember that not all warehouses are created equal, and the goal is to choose one that is appropriate for you and your business.

This means developing a list of criteria and focusing on what is important to your customers. The suggestions that follow will help you get started, but it is crucial for you to spend time creating your own list.


Geographic location is one of the most important factors to consider. While order-fulfillment warehouses can be found in every state, it makes sense to select one that is close to your customers, rather than to your business.

This will help you in three ways: your shipping costs will be lower, transit time will be reduced, and you will operate in a more ecofriendly manner.

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