How To Buy a Great Mailing List!

April 1999
by Jeffrey Dobkin

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Thank God, the worst that can happen to you in direct mail is you lose money. I mean, considering the grand scheme of things — like major sicknesses, car wrecks, or that occasional bad bottle of wine — it’s not too bad. But still, it stinks! Kindly remember that the only reason you’re in the mail is to make a profit. No, don’t give me that “I just want to get this on the market, and I’ll make money on the next one” line. How many marketers have told me that? If you don’t make money, you won’t be in the mail again. Without profit, there isn’t any next mailing. It’s a necessary part of running any business. In fact, profit is why you are in business. Any arguments?

Money vs. Experience You can make lots of mistakes in direct mail. You can create a terrible mailing package that no one will open. You can set your price too high — or too low — and people won’t buy. You can offer your products at the wrong time — heck yes, we always celebrate Christmas this late in January! However, nothing is as bad as mailing to the wrong list. Poor list selection is the worst mistake you can make in direct mail. Yep, that’s right. When you mail to the wrong list, you get experience — which is what you get when you don’t make any money. No one orders at all. You market Chevy hubcaps to Buick owners. Radios to the deaf. Bottle caps to a tuna factory. A simple mistake in the list moves all the hard work you put into your mailing from the “we made money” side of your spreadsheet…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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