How to Boost Your Site’s Standing with Search Engines

June 2006
by Hope O. Kiah

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Search engine optimization
(SEO) can be thought of as an evolving set of techniques that enhance a Web
site’s rating in any given search engine in response to specific search
phrases. There is a lot to learn about this subject. My intent here is to
outline some tasks that you, as a site owner, can do to save hundreds or even
thousands of dollars you might otherwise pay an SEO professional.


These tasks demand time and effort
even though you don’t need to hire a professional to handle them. For SEO of my
own projects, I partner with Louise Roach of She is up to speed
on all the latest SEO techniques, having researched them to bring her site up
to page one of Google for all relevant keywords, and she inspired many of the
recommendations that follow, which you can also apply to other search engines.


First, figure out what you want
your Web site to accomplish and who your audience is.


Then define your goal as getting
your site to appear on a search engine’s first four pages; I’m focusing here on
Google, but you can use the advice to improve your rankings elsewhere.


Bear in mind that you want to end
up with three good phrases for each section of your site, or for each of the
site’s functions. If you have a page for each book, you will need three keyword
phrases for each b…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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