How PMA Members Reach Readers

January 2008
by A PMA Roundtable

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How PMA Members Reach Readers

More than 100 PMA members reported on the sales channels they use when we asked for information via email. As you’ll see, options abound and opinions differ. More reports on how various sales channels work will appear in upcoming issues.

Conclusions from Decades of Experience

I’ve owned and operated Bright Ring Publishing, Inc., for 22 years and have used all the traditional sales channels. Impact has been especially strong through:


Articles in magazines that reach parents and educators, such as Parenting, Family Fun, and Early Childhood News. I write short articles about creativity and art that run with mentions of various books I publish. These articles are better than advertising and cost nothing; in fact, I’m paid well to do them. Although I don’t know exactly how many sales the articles generate, I do know that I am more recognized by name and book titles than in the past.

Presentations, keynotes, and workshops. I’ve always had a busy presentation schedule at workshops that reach hundreds of people, but now I’m doing more live video conferences that reach thousands. Participants receive handouts with all book and ordering in…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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