How I Tripled Site License Sales in One Year
(All Right, So It Took Six Years)

July 2004
by Frank S. Joseph

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Suppose you could sell a 248-page perfect-bound paperback book that cost you about $1 to print for $12.95 a copy plus $4 handling. Not so bad, right?

Now suppose you could sell a CD-ROM with the same text plus much more–a CD that cost you about a dime to burn–for $20,000.Better?

Having gotten your attention, I’ll be honest. Although we have one $20,000 customer, it’s a federal agency. That’s our market; you may not be able to replicate the experience with your market. But keep reading anyhow. We’ve turned a successful print product into two even more successful electronic products, and it’s possible that you can learn from what we’ve learned and boost your sales too.

We publish the Federal Personnel Guide, which summarizes and explains the most important rules and regulations that govern the careers and retirement of civilian employees of the U.S. federal government and U.S. Postal Service. It is, in effect, an “employee handbook” for Uncle Sam’s civilian workforce. (Odd as it may seem, the federal government does not publish its own employee handbook, and never has, although individual agencies have tried to do so from time to time. The private sector has not hesitated to fill this void–we have three direct competitors.)

Our Guide has been published annually since 1979. When we acquired it from another company in 1988, the cover price was $3. Over the years, we&…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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