How I Arranged to Do Business Across the Border

August 2004
by Michael Archer

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My company, Firebomber Publications, works with firefighter associations to provide funds for the families of injured and fallen firefighters through book and merchandise sales. As an extension of this policy, we began a program that allows the associations to buy books from us at a substantial discount and resell them at full price through the Internet, conventions, and other channels. By pocketing the difference between the list price and the wholesale cost, the associations can raise funds as needed. This project is continuing to expand within the United States.

But what about selling books through Canadian firefighter associations? Would the same rules apply if the books were manufactured in the United States, then shipped to Canada for resale? Would the Canadian government levy tariffs, taxes, and duties? To do a feasibility study, I needed answers to these questions and others. They came from an unexpected source.

Finding My Way to FedEx

Firestorm, a novel about a high-tech firefighting outfit from the United States that gets caught in a Central American uprising, is our latest offering. We produced a limited run in late 2003 to spur interest in the book by providing reading copies to reviewers and firefighter associations.

Once the reviews were in, it was time to find a printer for the full first printing. Using the Print Industry service offered at, we got bids from printers all over the world and s…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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