How Cross-Marketing Helps

October 2005
by Carol White

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Advertising and marketing
gurus tell us that it takes “multiple impressions” of a message to get
potential buyers to make a buying decision. Seven is the number they often
cite. So how do we get those precious impressions? One way is through

The concept is simple. Find
products and services that complement yours and work with the companies that
provide them to promote their offerings and yours simultaneously.

Here is a real-world example.

Late in the manuscript phase of
preparing our book—Live Your Road Trip Dream:Travel for a Year for the Cost of Staying Home,
which tells the story of a lengthy cross-country trip—we discovered a Web
site called Having struggled to maintain our own site for
ongoing reports on our journey, we immediately recognized the potential for
cooperation. So we talked with the site’s owner and, after gaining a better
understanding of what his company did, we decided to include a little bit about
its services in the book. Our relationship had begun.

The Multipurpose Demo

As time passed, we stayed in touch
with Dan Parlow, one of the principals in the firm (remember to constantly
build your network!). Dan called one day to say he was looking for robust demo
sites and wanted permission to t

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