Honey, Let’s Publish the Book

February 2003
by Eva Stob

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When I said to my husband, “Honey, let’s get a boat and cruise the Great Loop,” we could not foresee how a 10-month cruise around Eastern North America in a 40-foot trawler would change our lives. My husband, Ron, had been writing travel features for newspapers and magazines, and he had written three books on what to see and do around the area where we lived at California’s Central Coast. A few years before this, we had chartered a little cruising faux tug in Ontario, Canada, and spent a week bumping through the Trent-Severn Waterway with my sister and her husband. None of us was a boater, but we had a great time, learned a little about boating, and met someone from Virginia who was doing the Great Loop in a big white cruiser. I realized then that Eastern North America is really a big island with a navigable water route surrounding it.

Sometime after returning home, I got the bug to do more boating. That’s when I sprang the idea of taking a year’s leave of absence from work, buying a trawler, and cruising America’s Great Loop (a.k.a. the Great Circle Route). Ron needed a new writing challenge, and I needed to get away from my hospital laboratory job for a while. To prepare for such a challenge, we spent nearly two years taking classes with the United States Power Squadrons and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, visiting marinas and boatyards, talking to other boaters, and reading everything we could get our hands on about boats and boatin…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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