Holiday Wishes &Holiday Gifts

December 2001
by Jan Nathan

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Right now, I’m getting “wish lists” from my grandchildren for the upcoming holiday season. It’s always nice to know someone’s heart’s desire, and it’s even better if you can help fulfill one of their wishes.

So I thought I’d make a wish list this year for our industry and hope that somewhere someone will read this and help make at least some of the wishes come true.

Wish #1: For all struggling publishers and authors out there, I wish that would stop listing used books right next to our frontlist titles. Sure, I know that there are used bookstores that do sell our product again and that we don’t receive remuneration on these books. However, that’s not the same as having your brand new copy priced at $24.95 competing with its slightly used version for $10.95 in the exact same area. This is similar to having Barnes & Noble carry your frontlist and used book on the same shelf! Doesn’t Amazon realize that if publishers don’t receive sufficient money for their frontlist titles (which translates also to dollars for their authors), there may not be any frontlist in the future?

Wish #2: I wish that Ingram would help find a solution to “not carrying titles from independent publishers unless they are represented by distributors.” We all recognize that there are not enough distributors out there to handle all the publishers currently bringing titles into print. There m…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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