Hit the Road and Have a Blast

August 2007
by Marty Essen

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Good Afternoon

Hit the Road and Have a Blast


by Marty Essen


As I prepared for my first
book tour, I was a bit apprehensive. I had heard stories about book signings
with no sales and had read a how-to article on a book-marketing Web site by an
author who had sold just 23 books on an eight-city tour. While I didn’t expect
to sell a huge number on my seven-city tour, I did hope for sales of at least


My book is Cool Creatures, Hot Planet:
Exploring the Seven Continents. In simplest terms, it follows my
wife and me as we travel each continent in search of rare and interesting
wildlife. I took thousands of photos during our travels and put the best ones
into a Cool Creatures digital slide show. À la Al Gore, I decided to take my
slide show on the road, and Adam, my six-foot-long rainbow boa snake, would
join me. (There’s also an Eve, but Adam got her pregnant, so she had to stay


Starting in my current hometown of
Victor, MT, I planned to go to my childhood hometown of Duluth, MN, and back.
Knowing I could count on Duluth for a successful signing made the 3,000 miles
of travel seem unimportant.


Bright Beginnings


Setting up the tour was easy. In
fact, the only place that t…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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