Help with Social Media

June 2009
by Steve O'Keefe

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Help with Social Media

If you’re publishing books here on Planet Earth, you probably don’t have infinite amounts of time for promoting them. How, then, should you respond to the clamor about social networking?

Can you afford time-intensive activities at the likes of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, LibraryThing, and Shelfari? Can you spare the time it takes to create a blog and make it effective? Will the payoffs from these activities be better than the payoffs you’re getting now by spending time in other, older arenas?

Until authoritative answers to such questions are available, it makes sense to think through your options in the light of research and reports to date.

This issue of the Independent adds three articles on social networking to our ongoing coverage. Read on for information about how IBPA members are using blogs, how to begin using Facebook, and how to keep social networks from sucking up too much precious time. And take advantage of the Independent archives at for more social-networking advice and more reports from fellow members on what works for them. Just click “Independent Articles” in the navigation bar on the Home page and then use the Search function.

In the archives, see especially:

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