Help Site Visitors Find What They’re After

November 2006
by Reid Goldsborough

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Help Site Visitors Find What
They’re After


by Reid Goldsborough


Helping visitors to your site
find information quickly is a key to making their experience there positive.


When designing or redesigning a
site, or working with a Web designer, think about how you access Web sites


When you’re pressed for time (and
everyone is), you want to know immediately whether you should stick around a
site you’ve accessed—what’s in it for you. So with your own site, instead of
relying strictly on fancy graphics and animations, which often just slow
visitors down, you should use meaningful headlines, subheads, and links to
communicate what it is you’re offering.


If your site consists of more than
a few pages, it’s thoughtful to provide a site map that displays all the
interior links for those who want to get their bearings from the outset.


For larger sites, one of the best
tools you can provide is an internal search engine, which lets visitors home in
on just what they want from the get-go. Instead of drilling down from one link
to the next, they can simply type in their search criteria.

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