Help for People Who Don’t Do Well with Networking

July 2008
by Jeff Beals

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Schmoozing Made Palatable and Practical:

Help for People Who Don’t Do Well with Networking

by Jeff Beals

As a marketer, you can strategize about using the media, you can build a powerful Web site, and you can craft brilliant presentations, but ultimately nothing is more effective than informal networking—showing up and schmoozing at political functions, service clubs, fraternal organizations, philanthropic events, professional association meetings, and conventions.

Networking is hard work, especially if you are an introvert. But keeping goals in mind makes it easier and more effective. When you go to a business, political, or social function, you should go thinking you will meet many people and that some of them will turn into customers or friends.

Seeking Common Ground

One of the first things you must accept about informal networking is that it requires a lot of small talk, which some people hate and some find terrifying. If you are not naturally good at chitchat, I recommend practicing by standing in front of a mirror pretending to talk to somebody or by chatting about nothing in particular with a friend or family member or with people at a low-key event where you are comfortable.

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