Healthy Sales through the Healthcare Industry

March 2002
by Caroline Corning Creager

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I have been told that fitness books are difficult to sell ever since videos revolutionized in-home workouts. However I felt I could succeed with niche books about products already used in the fitness and healthcare industry–exercise balls, foam rollers, and resistive bands–since I had become known internationally as an expert physical therapist.

Fortunately I was correct. I have now sold more than 70,000 books–most of them outside of bookstores at a retail price of $39.95.

In terms of content, these books offer:

• Fun-filled, time- and energy-efficient workouts

• An easy-to-read writing style and easy-to-follow exercise instructions

• Hundreds of illustrated exercises designed to be photocopied for patient/client education (saving the fitness or healthcare professional valuable time)

• Information and exercise programs based on up-to-date research

• Photographs that show optimal exercise posture positions

• Exercises that are tried and tested, not just by the elite athlete but by the couch potato too.

Because it’s very difficult to generate traditional bookstore sales for a fitness/health book with a small marketing budget, I decided to sell to the healthcare consumer. I believe four components initially contributed to success:


• Writing one of the first books on the Swiss exercise ball and allowing readers to reproduce pages for instructional us…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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