Have You Looked at Your Web Site Lately?

April 2000
by Jan Nathan

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Have you visited your own Web site lately? Have you tried to
navigate around it?

If you’re like many of us, you probably haven’t.
After the initial excitement of developing your homepage and adding
some stuff to your site, you probably just continued to add and add
and add. I know we did.

Last week I attended a meeting at Ingram in Nashville. It was a
focus group meeting of users of their iPage Web site.(The iPage site helps publishers track their sales through
Ingram, among other things. More on this later in the article.)The group I participated in consisted of publishers and
representatives of the publishing industry. Ingram had previously
had focus groups with librarians and booksellers. It was during this
meeting that I began to better focus on what we hope to achieve at
the PMA homepage and finally how to go about doing it.

I discovered that the redesign and reconfiguration of the PMA
site was not going to be as simple and as rapid as we had previously
thought. That was a bit disappointing. However the uplifting part of
this rethinking was the development of a better way to go about
redesigning the architecture of our site. We had already figured out
the four primary users of the site and had developed a road map of
the areas that were “most important,””important,””least important,” and of “no
importance” to them (in our opinion). This, at least, began to
give us a basic idea of how to make areas more easily ac…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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