Harness the Power of the Internet at the 2007 PMA University

March 2007
by Jeniffer Thompson and Robin Bartlett

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Get on track with some of the most powerful Internet marketing experts
in the industry

Harness the Power of the
Internet at the 2007 PMA University


by Jeniffer Thompson and
Robin Bartlett


Nowadays, every publisher is
expected to have a Web site. In fact, many publishers design sites for every
book they publish. If you don’t have one, people are likely to give you a
disapproving glance. But it is still just as difficult to make smart decisions
about designing a site as it was 10 years ago. And it’s still just as easy to
spend a lot of money creating one and then end up wondering what the money
bought that’s useful.


Most independent publishers today
do not have the time to research the latest Internet trends, Internet marketing
secrets, or online publicity campaigns, so PMA University is coming to the
rescue. The Internet track at the upcoming PMA University has been designed to
answer your questions, inspire your creativity, and launch you into a whole new
level of online marketing savvy. All you need to do is refer to the PMA
University brochure included with this issue and sign up.


Courses in this year’s Internet
track include:


1A. Introduction to Online
Publicity: The New Book Launch

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