Guerrilla Marketing

October 1996
by Robert C. Brenner, MSEE, MSSM

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Claire sat back with a determined smile. This month is the anniversary of
her business and time to update her business plan. She will evaluate both her
strategic plan and tactical plan. Marketing will be a major part of her

She has already been collecting information on the major trends in
publishing. She also regularly reads organization newsletters to get
first-hand opinions from those she respects. And she attends professional
meetings to get a sense for what is real in publishing today. She has also
been gathering market intelligence on her competition and on her current and
potential customers. It will take time to organize and analyze the
information. But it needs to be done. As a small publisher, Claire needs to
be street smart to remain profitable.

She has observed that the business of publishing is changing rapidly.
Hardcover and paperback books are being offered electronically-on discs,
tapes, by fax, or as download files. Traditional storefronts are being
represented electronically. Online web sites are exploding into a new
business universe. Virtually every major publisher boasts an online presence.
None brag about the profits that they’re making from their electronic stores,
although the hype and promotion is intense.

She discovers that few electronic stores are actually making a profit on the
Internet today. For most of these storefronts, a presence on the Internet is
good enough. Nevertheless, books do seem to be a good product for online
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