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Big Game Means Big Gains

July 2003
by Ellen Enzler Herring, Trophy Room Books

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Our publishing evolved from a need to fill a void in the sporting field. We publish three to four signed limited-edition books each year on big-game hunting, plus Africa and Central Asia travel and exploration. Only 1,000 copies are printed; these are numbered and signed by the authors, most of whom are noted professional hunters or well-known and recognized international sport hunters. The signed limited editions are the ONLY ones available–no reprints and no trade editions.

Many people collect our books year after year. Sales are direct to specialty shops and direct through mail order. We have only one distributor, a company that publishes five magazines and distributes them as well as specialty books. They get a 55% discount with NO returns. We find that it’s better to accept smaller quantity orders and have them firm than to send off larger numbers of books and get returns.

Real vs. Hypothetical Business

Dealers get a 40% discount, payment with order, no billing. Amazon gets 20% for the single-title order plan, credit card with order, and the same goes for B&N, Borders, etc. This has been our policy since 1982! If someone says they could sell more for a better deal, we tell them to start selling and we’ll apply greater
discounts on those “larger” orders that never seem to be forthcoming.

In additional to publishing, we sell out-of-print books in our field.

The majority of our authors live outside the…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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