Growing Connections That Count

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July 2011
by Kathleen Welton

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Growing Connections That Count

by Kathleen Welton

In the era of social networking, online business networks may not offer the best route to profitable interaction for publishers, and they certainly don’t offer the only one. The flesh-and-blood social networks that include your company are very important, as I’ve found by working to strengthen connections with my staff members, my community, and my customers. Here’s how I picture them:

And here are just a few examples. Once you grab on to the idea, you most likely will think of many other ways to strengthen connections with people you can reach out and touch.

Growing Connections with Colleagues

Author visits. Meeting an author is always a special event. Most people who work on a publishing project never get to do that. Once a famous author called to let me know that she was in town and wanted to come to the office to personally meet and greet everyone who worked on her book. She made it a point to shake hands with and thank each and every person who had come in contact with her book. Wow. That was memorable. Arranging for colleagues to meet at least some authors is not usually difficult.

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