Google Print Is a Marketing Plus

August 2005
by Robin Bartlett

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Does Google Print provide a
marvelous, free way to gain added exposure and sales for books? Or does it put
your copyrighted material at risk? Because I wanted answers to those questions,
I listened intently as Jen Grant, the Google Print product marketing manager,
explained the new Google Print system at BookExpo America, and I took note of
several statistics she cited. For instance, 52 percent of all search engine
referrals come from Google, as do roughly 60 percent of search engine referrals
to book sites. Then I experimented with the program, gathered more information,
came to some conclusions, and asked several other PMA members to comment on
them (see “Other Voices, Other Views,” below).

My major conclusion is this: The big
advantage of Google Print, especially for smaller publishers, is that it can
increase the visibility of individual titles and improve the odds of selling
books to people who want information on specific subjects. That’s Book
Marketing 101, in my book.

Through Google Print, searchers
can rapidly access a book’s full T of C, index, and five-page chunks of text,
in much the same way as they would if they were in a bookstore or library. Does
this endanger copyrighted material from your book? My view is no. It appears
that an excellent security system is in place. A searcher can’t download
information, can’t copy it, and can’t have online

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