Going Online at PMA

April 1997
by Mary Westheimer, PMA Internet Chairperson, BookZo

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THE AUTHOR QUESTIONNAIRE, which was mentioned in Curt Matthews’s January
newsletter article, is generating a lot of interest on the PMA Website athttp://www.pma-online.org these days (find the form itself athttp://www.pma-online.org/author.html).

The actual document, which is used at Matthews’s Chicago Review Press, is
printable from the screen. It came in handy recently when one of the PMA
listserv participants asked other list members for a sample of an author
questionnaire. Talk about great minds on the same track! More such resources
will be appearing on the site in the next few months.

ANOTHER NEW ADDITION AT THE SITE relates even more closely to the listserv.
After repeated requests on the list itself for various list commands (which
control how and to some extent when the messages arrive for each
participant), the commands have been posted on the PMA Website. That allows
PMA’s mail list “maniacs” — or “listfolfs,” as they call themselves–to refer
to the commands whenever they need them. Also posted are the list rules,
which outline acceptable practices on the list.

With more than 500 subscribers, the PMA mail list is a lively exchange that
serves up about 100 messages daily. Visit the Website mail-list page athttp://www.pma-online.org/maillist.html to learn more about subscribing,
modifying your interaction throug…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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