Getting Your Press Release into Print

May 1997
by Jeffrey Dobkin

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I seldom recommend an ad campaign until a press release has tested the media, and has proven that we can get a qualified response from the target audience. We don’t always get in with our press releases, but we always try.

On the flip side, for industrial marketing, an ad is the logical conclusion to a successful press release campaign. A client should be willing to take out an ad schedule after a successful press campaign shows the media and the market can be profitable.

Press releases are simple, yet complex instruments to write. Simple because they can take almost any form and still be published. Complex because every element adds to or detracts from your chances of being published. Additionally, releases can be so general that they serve very little of the marketing function (i.e., they produce no inquiries, no prospects, and no sales), or they can be written to draw the maximum response from the best qualified prospects. Which would you like to have published?

In this article I will spend a paragraph or so on the basics of a press release, then discuss how to make your releases effective. Finally, I’ll reveal the secret formula (Shhh — make sure no one is reading this article over your shoulder) that magazine editors use to select the press releases they will publish.How Is a Press Release Used?

A press release is a one or two page write-up of your product or service in a “news” style of writing. It’s sent to magazines and newspapers, usually with a black and…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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