Getting Rid of All Those Unsold Books

November 2006
by Linda Carlson

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Getting Rid of All Those Unsold


by Linda Carlson


Returns, hurts, remainders,
overstocks—they’re all books you can’t sell to your regular trading partners.
But what you call them is not nearly as important as what you can do with them
to cut your losses or earn a profit.


When shrinkwrap has been removed,
covers have been scratched slightly, or revised editions are now available,
many publishers resell copies—either to the general public online, at special
events, or to wholesalers as bargain books. Options in addition to reselling
include donating the books, preferably in a way that allows you to take a tax
deduction, and using them as samples and review copies.


PMA members use each of these


online through used-book sites.
Some publishers sign up as used-book vendors at, Abebooks, and
similar sites. You can discount a book slightly from retail and still make more
than you would by wholesaling it. (For information on’s Marketplace
program, select “Help” on the home page and scroll down the menu on the left
until you see “Selling at Amazon.” At, select “Sell books.”)


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