Getting Over Overwhelm

September 2002
by Tama J. Kieves

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I am a “newbie” publisher and, probably like many others, I’ve been devouring everything in sight on marketing, publicity, increasing sales, touching the hems of Oprah, and the like. I’ve read the books, subscribed to online newsletters, attended local publishing groups, listened to tapes, felt guilty about the tapes I didn’t listen to, and glommed onto publishing buddies. I am swimming in information. And just the other day, I realized I’m choking on it. Truly choking.


I’ve gotten so caught up in all there is to do. At this point, I can literally stand in the middle of my office staring into space–seeing an infinite number of tasks all telling me my future depends on them. Each and every one of them must be done this very second since I’m already too late to the table and backsliding as we speak. There’s too much for one lifetime, much less for this day or hour. And then I read another publishing secret, another surefire technique to get noticed, and yet another newsletter article that addresses eight things I can and must do to get my book sold. I don’t even know which expert’s newsletter to buy now, which tip I absolutely must have. Pretty soon I forget that I figured out how to write a book by listening to my natural instincts and that I will probably figure out how to market that book in much the same way.


Letting Go of Lumpy & Lethargic

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