Getting Customers to Buy from Your Site: Hint—Clicks Don’t Count

January 2010
by Thomas Woll

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Getting Customers to Buy from Your Site: Hint—Clicks Don’t Count

by Thomas Woll

One of the great mistakes people made with Web sites in the early ’90s is that they became enamored of counting clicks, at the expense of counting dollar sales and looking at profits. The theory was that if you had enough clicks to your site, enough traffic coming to it, then surely sales would follow and all would be right with the world.

Guess what? The theory was as flawed as any ever put forth. Web site owners spent inordinately on setting up elaborate sites and on marketing those sites to get people to visit. But the fact that people visit doesn’t mean they will buy.

If your goal is—as it should be—to convert visitors to buyers, don’t count clicks; count sales, and make sure that your sales are profitable ones. In other words, analyze your customer base and your sales to make your Web site a profit center.

Seven tactics will help you get potential customers to buy via your site once they learn about your product and get to the site.

1. Make Your Site Sticky

The best sites keep visitors stuck to them by presenting appealing offers and features. The longer you can keep a potential customer on…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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