Get the Best from Your Graphic Designer

February 2007
by Keren Taylor

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Working with Designers

Get the Best from Your Graphic


by Keren Taylor


Working with graphic
designers, illustrators, and artists can be challenging, whether the project is
a book cover or a bookmark. Designers need a context for their designs. They
need to know about vibe, feeling, tone, space, shape, and message. If you
aren’t used to talking about such things, you can get into some frustrating
conversations and, even worse, cause delays.


But certain tactics can help you
navigate this relationship. You probably know the points you need to convey and
just need to find the right ways to communicate them. Here are seven steps to


Educate your designer. Before any
significant conversations can take place between you and the designer about
design, you need to explain what your project is all about. Create a document
that explains, as concisely as possible:


·      the concept or story

·      who the author is (in the case of
a book)

·      the primary audience and any
secondary audiences

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