Get the Best from Author Questionnaires

January 2010
by Linda Carlson

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Get the Best from Author Questionnaires

by Linda Carlson

Want to create buzz about a new book—or its author? Then make the author questionnaire the starting point for your promotional campaign.

A detailed author questionnaire—completed either by the author alone or by the publisher when speaking with the author—can tell you how, where, with whom, and when to promote a book. It can also tell you when canceling publication of a title might be the wisest move if the questionnaire is, as it should be, completed during the proposal process, when you are evaluating the sales potential of a title.

Although many of us look at the author questionnaire as a source of ideas for media stories and speeches, it can also provide information that fuels other sales promotion.

“When I do up a marketing plan, I think about whether it makes sense to contact any company listed in the author questionnaire as a potential partner,” says Shel Horowitz at Frugal Marketing in Hadley, MA. “One client informed me that Paramount Pictures was making a movie that tied in very closely with her book, so I contacted the studio, got her in touch with the director with an offer to help at the premiere, and got her noticed.”

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