Free Publicity: E-Mail Promotion Via the Internet

May 2000
by Phil Falces

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If you’re in a business that requires that you contact
potential customers or announce a new product or service, you might
want to step up the process using the Internet. There are tens of
millions of people out there searching for information and thousands
of publications looking for information they can publish. That
information could be a news release, product information, or an
article on you or your company. If you get the right information to
the right person—a client or an editor—you just might
get some free publicity or a sale. Promotion like this basically
works with the numbers: the more people you contact, the more likely
you are to get noticed. If you’re operating on a local level
only, there are local newspapers and magazines and even national
magazines being read by people in your area, so every publication is
a possible market for your announcements.

As a writer, I market my material (articles and books) much like
you market your product or services. I reach out to people (editors
in this case), send them information, and hope they’ll find it
interesting enough to respond. Up until recently, I ran my business
the old way. I’d print out hard copies of my articles or book
proposals, fold them, stuff them in envelopes, lick stamps, and drop
them in the mailbox down the street. The progress gears immediately
bogged down under the Postal Service, and a week or a month or more
later, someone would reply saying they were intere…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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